YES! YES! YES!… It’s trending and fab, it’s Kimono all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy. Kimonos are fabulous fashion pieces that comes in different colours, patterns and looks, and you know what i love about kimonos? They are for everybody, can you believe that?  be it thin, fat, short,slim…

It just fits everybody so no one would have to be bothered about wearing it also it can be worn in various fabulous ways and gorgeous looks… Check out the looks

LOOK 1: The crop set look 

This is almost like the everyday look for most people, because the kimono reduces the simplicity of the crop set and and gives it a total new look, also it creates more confidence by reducing part of the midriff’s visibility for those who don’t feel comfortable in exposing their midriff.



a plus size blogger rocking the kimono top with a crop set.

she paired her crop-top with a kimono and matching pants… parfait!

LOOK2 : The hat affair

This look is like my fav… i love hats “lol”. This look brings out this boldness and elegancy that i love and i’m sure you will too. It can be worn for fashion shows, events, casual outings, e.t.c.



The brown hat looks good on the kimono for a casual look and can be worn to school as a student.
This is a killer outfit! the black hat looks good on the animal print kimono.

There are lots of ways in which kimono can be styled, from kimono jackets to coats to kimono dresses e.t.c.  To be continued…


Watch out for the continuation of ‘kimono please!!!’ on trending in the next fashion friday. For questions and conversations ff on IG @hannahdiva_blog…