By Hannahdiva.

Do you ever wonder why some faces glow, or ever wondered why you look older than you are? Trust me, you are not doing the right thing yet, here are 10 beauty basic tips which i think might help you…

1. Wash off your make-up: I believe you hear this everyday and that’s because it’s necessary, when you don’t wash off your make-up before bed, the chemicals begin to block your pores and then introduces pimples because the face is congested already. Try as much as possible to wash off your make-up before bed no matter how tired you are or how exhausted you feel, do this everyday and you will see changes.

2. Take good care of your hair: Do you ever hear the saying, ‘your hair is your beauty’?. The saying is actually very true, pamper your hair, shampoo it every 2wks, buy good weaves, make styles that fits your face and spend on your hair. You have to do all this ’cause your hair makes you look more beautiful especially when well taken care of and when it’s long and shinny. Try as much as possible to care for your hair and you will have a good glowing face.

3. Reduce usage of make-up: At times just leave your face to breathe, try not to use any make-up and free your face from chemicals at least just for a day. Let your face take in fresh air, even if you’ll just pick out a day you will not go out, that is, if you can’t go out without make-up, why this? It’s because the organisms in our faces that cause the growth of pimple dry off when they don’t get any chemical substance to suck on and this will also prevent dark holes. You don’t want dark holes? free your face even if it’s just once in a while.

4. Use natural substances on your face: I personally prefer the use of natural substances for the treatment of my face. For example, i rub and pat natural coconut oil on my face before bed, i do this because by the time i wake up my face feels softer and then glows even without applying make-up. All these natural substances and oil enriches our skin and gives that fresh glowing look.

5. Exercise at least twice a week: I’m sure you must have been seeing this everywhere, it’s very necessary and important because it releases your body and face from stress and helps reduces fatigue, also does exercise eases brooding and helps to get things straight especially when you are down. It might not necessarily mean a complete tough workout it might just be an early morning stroll or jog and you will be a happier person in no time, happiness which is one of the keys to a nice glow.

To be continued….

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