Just stumbled on these amazing beaches while surfing the internet and i decided to share them with you… so these are my top 5 tropical beaches.

1. The Ipanema Beach, Brazil.

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Brazil is well known for nice beaches but one of them is the Ipanema beach located in Rio de Janerio which has been visited by a lot of celebrities and supermodels…cool right?. I like the pair of mountain surrounded by it and there lots of activities for fun.

2.The Bamboo Island Beach, Thailand.

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

The white sand, the coloured turquoise water and other water recreational activities are what makes this beach amazing. Located in Phuket, Thailand, the best time to visit this amazing beach is between the months of January-April.

3. Eleutra, Bahamas.

Photo by: Flickr

Located in east Nassau in the Bahamas, Eleuthra is the home to the “glass window” where the dark blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet the aquamarine colors of the Caribbean Sea and also known for it’s rolling beaches of pink sand, that’s right! pink sand…amazing yeah. Do you know what more is amazing about Eleuthra? it’s not heavily inhabited by people, so i don’t have to see more people around ’cause i prefer less crowded areas…lol.

4. Bias Tugal, Bali.Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Locals call it Pantai Kecil which means “Little Beach”. But do not take its name just as lightly. Waves around here can be unforgiving for non-experienced swimmers. Despite its isolated vibe, Bias Tugal is quite accessible – a mere 500-meter hike from the Padang Bai ferry terminal. At the end of this short adventure you will be greeted by fine white sand dotted with coconut trees dancing to the strong winds. Its pristine shoreline is fronted by clear waters that call to you in various shades of blue.

5. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Island.Photo by: Bigstockphoto


Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine named it“The Caribbean’s Best Beach” – a title it very well deserves. Most of the   island’s luxury resorts and hotels can be found here, Luxury at it’s best!. Best for long walks and for picnics and grills, exciting!

And those are my top 5 tropical beaches i’d like to visit.