hi…. where have i been?

It’s been a while i posted and i’ve been trying to balance my school work and fashion which is a major problem faced by a student fashion blogger. Easy? not really but i won’t just give up no matter how slow the progress is because fashion is my love *lol*. I’m in my final year now and i think final year is just overrated, really, it has been hell a lot of thinking on how it’s going to be after school, am i prepared for what’s coming, what have i achieved that will help my survival in the outside world…

Well, what have i been up to? i participated in the just concluded nsfdw 2016 and i’ll say it was fun and it was a good experience also the team work was great! Also, i’m now a writer on fashion/style on the Notsopopkulture.com fashion blog and i think that’s progress. I also have bigger projects coming soon all of which i’m so glad about, therefore, i might not be where i am expected to be but i know i’m moving forward and God is with me. I’m so happy i’m back on here and i made some improvements on my inconsistencies and i promise my readers better blog posts and pictures. #school&fashion#