so it’s thursday and it’s the first day in the month of september (which is my birth month) and i can say i’m starting the month on a good note *big grin*. what’s the story behind today’s outfit? i woke up to an impromptu class actually earlier than expected and at that time i hadn’t plan what to wear for the day so there i was just standing in front of my little closet thinking of what to wear and there it was! the “nude vintage shirt” calling me and just calling out wear me! wear me! you just gotta love me! and just like that chose the shirt then the pleated skirt idea came and i was like yeah! say vintage!.

outfit details; from head to toe

glasses: gold framed sunglasses

neckpiece: brown vintage bead necklace which i got from my sis

shirt: a nude vintage shirt from a cheap vintage shop

belt: brown cloth material belt which i removed from a dress i have, to accompany the neclace

skirt: a navy blue vintage pleated skirt which i love

shoes: a nude flats from zara’s  ladies loafers collection

bag: a red CHCH handbag which i got from my sis to complement the whole look

well that’s how i created my say vintage look on a thursday , the whole look was actually inspired by my low cut hair which i’ve been rocking with confidence and lots of smiles to add more elegance… Say Vintage!