hi guys… in case you’ve been wondering what recycling has to do with fashion. let me explain; recycling in fashion means making a new thing out of a used or worn out clothing instead of throwing out and it reduces excessive spending also keeps the wardrobe in balance. check out my new recycled item

spot that choker!

all about the choker; i got the choker inspiration from alice through the looking glass (the movie) so i call it “the alice choker”… made from an old white top which i loved the embellishment and was not willing to throw out, then another old black top which was fading but felt the chiffon will still be useful… so, our alice choker; made from a chiffon material black and lined in the middle with a white cotton material and embellished with pearls and silver sequence(always been a lover of sequence anyways), all hand made from the diva’s closet. what do you think?