i totally rocked my alice handmade choker on thurday. i wanted to dress as a student but also fashionable and stylish and i just had to wear my choker that day… Basically
, there are two set of pictures; same outfit, different stories & look.

look 1; the street style look, i also call it street style woman in control look *big grin*

look 2; the vintage sleek lady look

spot the beetle! that has a story. well, there i was in the car park taking pictures then a man drove in this antique and then jokingly he said ‘why don’t you take pictures with this, you don’t get to see this everyday you know’ and i was like seriously i could use the car and the man laughed and then i knew he was God sent and my personal angel… he got me the vintage look.

which do you prefer, look 1 or 2?