wow! so good to be here again. This happens to be my first post as a graduate and also my first blog shot taken in the city of Ibadan! well, the story behind the outfit? not much but i always have a story to tell about my outfits *lol*…so, being a graduate doesn’t stop me from recycling, my beautiful embellished teal top used to be a short gown which i had to change to a top because the flare part got torn and i still; love the neck line, the embellishment, the colour. Decided to wear it with the red palazzo just because i wanted something free and comfortable and i was going to scout for designers at the mall, the look just clicked! well, i did not plan it. check  pictures and outfit details below;


so in love with this pose!


outfit details;

top –  a teal short gown turned top.

pants; a red palazzo taken  from my sister’s wardrobe

face cap; a red Reebok face cap for sun-blocking and style

handbag; my teal work handbag, i carry it almost everyday

shoe; my very comfortable gold colour loafer from PEP store.

like it or hate it; leave a comment below. thanks