hi guys! Today’s style thursday features a white shirt on a three-quarter blue denim….

There’s a little story behind this one… named this story “the devil is a liar”! *lol*. Woke up very early this morning to a quite wet weather but i was still positive about the rain stopping soon, i combed out my beautiful afro which i am proud of *giggles*. Then, i picked up my lovely white shirt to wear even though it was still drizzling, that moment i told myself ‘its like you are ready for a bad day’, still went ahead to wear the denim then my half slippers and my little puma purse and voila! got my look together ready for the day.

Can you believe the rain did not stop as if it knew i would want to take pictures of my look and it was ready to ruin it *hahaha* . Trust me, that did not stop me as i took my pictures under the drizzling rain and then i was like “shame on you devil”shame!. Can never let an inanimate entity change my day, never! check out oictures and outfit details below…IMG_1591 (4)IMG_1606 (2)IMG_1623 (2)IMG_1644 (2)

my ‘fro be looking peng

IMG_1669 (2)

outfit details:

top: a white bow-tie collar oversized shirt with pleats at the chestal area

down: three-quarter denim pants

foot wear: my vintage brown perforated half slippers i got from a thrift store

purse: i call it my little puma purse, so handy!

fav accessory: my amazing afro!

my linda farrow’s shades which i love

can’t forget my adorable neckpiece; a vintage bead i’ve had for a very long time *big grin*

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