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vintage & street

i totally rocked my alice handmade choker on thurday. i wanted to dress as a student but also fashionable and stylish and i just had to wear my choker that day… Basically
, there are two set of pictures; Continue reading “vintage & street”


say vintage!

so it’s thursday and it’s the first day in the month of september (which is my birth month) and i can say i’m starting the month on a good note *big grin*. what’s the story behind today’s outfit? Continue reading “say vintage!”

school and fashion

hi…. where have i been?

It’s been a while i posted and i’ve been trying to balance my school work and fashion which is a major problem faced by a student fashion blogger. Easy? Continue reading “school and fashion”

My top 5 tropical beaches i’d like to visit.

Just stumbled on these amazing beaches while surfing the internet and i decided to share them with you… so these are my top 5 tropical beaches. Continue reading “My top 5 tropical beaches i’d like to visit.”


Denim is one piece that never goes out of fashion, it’s almost always in vogue. Denim comes in different shades and style, from denim pants to denim jackets even denim shirts. Denim is a must have in every fashionista’s wardrobe and it can be worn in different fabulous ways and styles; Continue reading “HELLO DENIM!”

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