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A Red-Teal Affair!

wow! so good to be here again. This happens to be my first post as a graduate and also my first blog shot taken in the city of Ibadan! well, the story behind the outfit? not much but i always have a story to tell about my outfits *lol*… Continue reading “A Red-Teal Affair!”

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recycling fashion

this week’s recycled fashion is a recycled embroidery ankara and guess whose it was before i decided to recycle it… Continue reading “recycling fashion”

tlwe 2016

hi guys; just had the opportunity to post something on tlwe 2016, it was an amazing experience trust me. The experience was an interesting one and i enjoyed working with all the people backstage from the other stylists to the models, designers, make up artists and also the interns;they were all awesome. The organisers…. ooooh! they were so patient, hardworking, positive and accommodating and i’m glad i was given the opportunity as a stylist at their event tlwe 2016.

Even with the fact that Continue reading “tlwe 2016”

the alice choker

hi guys… in case you’ve been wondering what recycling has to do with fashion. let me explain; Continue reading “the alice choker”

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