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hi…. where have i been?

It’s been a while i posted and i’ve been trying to balance my school work and fashion which is a major problem faced by a student fashion blogger. Easy? Continue reading “school and fashion”


nsfdw 2016!

yass! i’m so happy i finally got the chance to post something on nsfdw 2016. it was an amazing experience for me and i’m so glad i was part of the show… it was all cool from the designers collections to the models who wore them to the guests all thanks to God and to the team…

Well, it’s now all about my outfit to the event Continue reading “nsfdw 2016!”

sunday classic

hi readers… so sorry for the inconsistencies, i’m sure going to make it better.

I just want to share what an akanra dress with a hat on a sunday looks like, should have dropped this on sunday but didn’t get the chance to. Check out the look below; Continue reading “sunday classic”

Amazing outfits at the 2016 Grammys

As we all know when it comes to fashion, red carpet is always our best part of the awards season. Celebrities brought their best on the red carpet at this year’s Grammys. Continue reading “Amazing outfits at the 2016 Grammys”

The colours of the year!

Do you know what colour is chosen for this year? what colour is gonna be trending?.

The Pantone experts released the colour of the year and guess what? they are two colours and it’s the first time ever!. The colours are; Continue reading “The colours of the year!”

My top 5 tropical beaches i’d like to visit.

Just stumbled on these amazing beaches while surfing the internet and i decided to share them with you… so these are my top 5 tropical beaches. Continue reading “My top 5 tropical beaches i’d like to visit.”

Dressing Up Like A Fashion Blogger – Mission Impossible?

It’s quite true but then some of these outfits are meant to give inspirations and then you choose that which suits you… easy

Mirabili Vestium

Skimming through fashion blogs, I often read comments from followers complaining that what fashion bloggers show has nothing to do with reality whatsoever. Layers and capes? You can only wear THAT if you?re slim and tall, otherwise you will look like an oversized cabbage. Bare legs in mid-winter? Really. Always on high heels? Please. You cannot wander around with your bag unzipped like that in real life, you?d be robbed. Suede boots? They?d be ruined in the rain. It?s all very well if you only have to walk the distance from the doorstep to your big, comfortable, warm car. This is not a standard that the girl next door can live up to.

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Hi readers… so sorry i could not get to upload my sunday kimono look yesterday, it was due the network problem. check out the details for my sunday kimono look Continue reading “MY SUNDAY KIMONO LOOK”

10 basic beauty tips.

By Hannahdiva.

Do you ever wonder why some faces glow, or ever wondered why you look older than you are? Trust me, you are not doing the right thing yet, here are 10 beauty basic tips which i think might help you… Continue reading “10 basic beauty tips.”

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